Owning a handgun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician. 

           - Jeff Cooper

We now offer Maryland HQL and Maryland Wear & Carry Classes! Stop in or call for details!
We offer classes for all levels of shooters, from Novice to Advanced Defensive!
Our dedicated team of certified instructors are committed to providing you with affordable, practical real world training options! No gimmicks, we teach proven methods to develop strong fundamentals. All Live-Fire activities feature a 1-to-1 Student to Teacher Ratio, giving you individualized attention with every shot.

Please come in, call or visit our Facebook Page for scheduling.

Ask about our HTA Handgun Fundamentals class! This is our favorite class for beginner to intermediate level shooters! This is both classroom (Saturday) and live fire (Sunday or Monday, your choice), with a dedicated instructor, starting on our laser and then moving to a .22LR target pistol. Students are welcome to bring their own handguns to use under our instruction for "Pre-Defensive" skills at the end of the class. Taught by Certified Instructors, this class meets or exceeds NRA safety and marksmanship standards! $150 inclusive!

Private and Women Only classes can be scheduled!
1-to-1 Instruction
Advanced Classes