Firearms Training

We don’t wear seatbelts with the expectation of crashing and we don’t carry firearms with a desire to use them – but if the time comes, Hill Top Arms will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe.

In the Classroom

At Hill Top Arms, we are passionate when instructing our clients about safety, the shooting fundamentals, and the responsibilities associated with becoming a firearms owner. While shooting is a fun sport; we understand that most of our students are in class to develop the skills and confidence to be able to safely protect themselves and their loved ones. The first portion of Handgun Fundamentals Level 1 is a Saturday afternoon group class that covers just about everything you need to know about firearms and how they function, as well as all the fundamentals of shooting. It differs from most other basic marksmanship classes in that we teach practical fundamentals that will help you develop both strong marksmanship and defensive skills. The classroom portion last about 4 hours.

On the Range

Here is where our training differs from most other training courses and instructors. We don’t throw 15 students on a firing line and shout “Go ahead, Shoot! You’re doing fine!” At Hill Top Arms, we are dedicated to teaching you the skills you need to operate a handgun safely and accurately. We believe that one-on-one individualized live-fire instruction is essential for establishing solid shooting fundamentals.


 When you come for your 1-hour training session on Sunday, a dedicated trainer is there waiting for you. We start everyone on laser training to work their fundamentals. This helps new shooters to become comfortable with the mechanics of shooting and gives the instructor time to start fine tuning the skills of those with more experience. Not needing to worry about the gun going “bang” helps to keep everyone 100% focused on your fundamentals. Usually we work with a person for about 5 to 15 minutes on the laser simulator. We are then going to get you on the range and begin training you on our .22lr caliber handguns. Your instructor will be watching you for safety and making any adjustments to your fundamentals as needed. We encourage you to bring your own hand gun as well, so we can train and familiarize you with its functionality. This is the gun you’re going home with, and we want to be sure you know how it feels to shoot it with all the new skills you’ve just learned. If you don’t have your own handgun yet, we will continue training you with our .22lr Target Pistols. Ammunition for your personal firearm is the only thing not included in the cost of the class. The live fire portion of Handgun Fundamentals Level 1 is 1 hour long and held on Sunday. Class space is limited. Sign up early for best available time slots.

Our Trainers

Our trainers take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in their work. We are truly dedicated to teaching you to the best of our ability. To this end, we keep up with our own skills and work constantly on our fundamentals. We also to take classes from other vetted trainers on a regular basis to improve our range of skills to better serve our clients. If you could listen in on the team meetings we have after each class concludes, we sound like a bunch of cheerleaders! We exchange different tips and tactics that have helped students overcome issues and master skill sets. And when a student who is nervous or having difficulty finally gets everything working right and comes out of the range, face beaming with their targets to show us, well, honestly we strut for days like proud mother hens. We love what we do. We believe in what we do. We are very committed to getting our clients the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe and we will bend over backwards to do that because we REALLY want you to get it. If you aren’t getting it, we will bring you back and work with you until you do.

Private Classes

Handgun Fundamentals Level 1 is available as a private class for groups or individuals. Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

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